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Made for Humans

Welcome to Bagged Groceries, a lifestyle brand nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, where creativity flourishes and individuality takes center stage. Our mission extends beyond crafting aesthetically pleasing clothing; we're dedicated to infusing artistic expression into every facet of life.

Located in the eclectic streets of Brooklyn, Bagged Groceries draws inspiration from the vibrant cultural tapestry that surrounds us. From graffiti-covered walls to independent art studios, we absorb the raw energy of the borough, channeling it into our designs and creations.

We advocate for artistic creation beyond clothing, fostering collaborations with local artists, releasing limited editions that double as wearable art, and steadfastly pushing boundaries in every aspect of our existence.


Embracing acceptance and individuality lies at the core of Bagged Groceries. We stand against societal norms, encouraging the celebration of unique beauty. Our designs reflect this ethos—bold, unapologetic, and bursting with personality.

We're here for the rule-breakers, the trend-setters, and those who dance to their own beat. Bagged Groceries is really about embracing your true self and experiencing the liberation that comes with it.

Our ultimate hope is simple: we want you to feel undeniably cool in Bagged Groceries - where art converges with fashion, acceptance prevails, and being unapologetically yourself is the epitome of cool.

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